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There are 1,000,000 reasons why I married the person that I did, and why I have the two best friends that I do. These two signs posted on the front door of my apartment when I arrived home yesterday after work are just two of these reasons.

Little things make you feel so special.


For Postarity:

The leaving of 304 was difficult. I know that I have made a big deal about looking forward to leaving them, but in reality my experience there was as good as any job that you could have while working for someone else. The owner, Jocelyn, was as fair and understanding as any boss that I have ever had. Her treatment of me changed little after I gave her my notice, and she sincerely wished me the best.

Peaches, the office manager, said that if you look in a dictionary under “man” you would see my picture… She also (fake) cried as they sang “for he’s a jolly good fellow” to me as I was blowing out the candle on my goodbye cake. We became pretty good friends over the course of my time there, mainly talking in the mornings before everyone else would arrive for the day.

I hugged all (except John) as I left, and I felt the sadness from their point of view. It was very touching to feel that form of appreciation from them. In a way it is empowering to have these feelings, and in another way I feel extremely sad for what they wanted me to be.

— I know that this writing about 304 is sort of clinical… I just don’t really know what to say, but I don’t want to forget.


My Horoscope:

Daily Overview for May 12, 2006
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Been trying to avoid something? The situation can’t be ignored, so face up to it.

Sometimes when a person leaves your life, it’s for a reason. Don’t hold onto a relationship that’s been unraveling for a while. Let it go gracefully — then take up the threads and get ready to welcome a new life.


Picking up the truck and beginning to load it today. 78 and I feel great about our progress and things are looking UP.