I think I need a right eyelid transplant. The damn thing has this twinging that happens every so often for 5 second intervals. It’s like a muscle spasm, only on the bottom eyelid. I’m sure the damn thing did not get enough attention when it was a kid. The worst part: you can see it twinging. Like there is a bug trapped in there or something. WTF.

I have never heard of any other person on this or any other planet having this problem. There is a chance that I am a miracle of science. They will make a large cage for me to dwell in. I will be fed 2 times a day, and people will donate money for my “habitat”. The loneliness that I will feel on a daily basis will be dwarfed by only one thing… The annoyance that is, my freaking twinging eyelid.

Brad Pitt… I am begging you, do a TV special with Diane Sawyer about my condition. Help me, Brad Pitt, you are my only hope.

  1. CABOD
    Aug 19, 2005

    Nice site, good thoughts.. this is my first time (you’re very gentle). I came across the eye of the tiger and wanted to help you.

    Joey you have Myokymia.

    Myokymia is associated with generation of spontaneous muscular activity. By this mechanism, spontaneous discharge could initiate volleys of activity or afferent fibers could directly stimulate efferent fibers in the vicinity of the lesion and produce a self-perpetuating reverberating masturbative circuit.

    Don’t quote that!

  2. Joe
    Aug 19, 2005

    Oh… Is that all?

    I thought it might be something complicated.