George W. Bush Voldermort StickerIt’s not that I am LESS into it, but maybe I am less ‘into’ it… The 2008 elections pretty much stressed me out everyday over what the polls were doing, who said what and how the Electoral College map would play out.

I still care, I follow the news enough to not be a walking drone and sample as many different media outlets as I can, but I do not feel the same weight as I did last time around… My only explanation is that the complete failure of the WORST president ever was so fresh back then, like an open wound.

I mean sure, Romney is a pretty thick piece of plastic, but he is (at least not this early in the game) as pure TERRIBLE as Bush was… I guess he is so nondescript that he is non-threatening.

Anyway, sorry to upset anyone with my anti-Bush thoughts nearly four years after he was in office … I thought it was funny when I came across this old sticker that I now use as a bookmark.