So I am not going to beat you up with why I don’t like the other guy … Shouldn’t you vote FOR a candidate and not AGAINST another?

The last 4 years have been really great for me. Not only am I enjoying an unprecedented streak of employment that has stretched the entire 4 years of Obama’s tenure, the purchasing of a home (with help from an 8K Obama incentive program), an explosion of financial security that I have never felt and the owning of a new car.

Sure, things are not perfect. They are CERTAINLY better then when W. Bush was President … Not as good as Clinton and a bit better than the first Bush.

Obama is, was, and always will be “my boy“… Republicans cringe. I love the guy, I really do. He is a warrior against bigotry, ignorance, and hate. A preview of a world more accepting, more inclusive, more understanding, and more loving of your fellow person. He embodies the idea that we should look out for each other, not steal, not take advantage of and look for loopholes or the easy way out. He has been consistent with his beliefs, professional in his nature and as innovative as a dysfunctional Congress has allowed him to be.

Just a FEW reasons I voted for Obama today:

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Jenny and I went to see Lyndsay Buckingham on Sunday … AMAZING show.

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Feeling a little bit mushy, but on a personal note: I have also figured out WHO, WHAT and WHERE I am on this planet in the last 4 years … and I guess most importantly, I have found love.