I was thinking about how great it would be if Teddy Ruxpin was sitting on my couch right now… I was thinking about the warmth inside of my heart as I saw his welcoming grin as I walked in the door every night… I was thinking about the things he would say to me… I was thinking about buying him a drink at the bar… I was thinking about his unconditional friendship…

Maybe THIS Christmas… or maybe I will continue to battle this world “Ruxpin-less”… November 13, Last Year


The dartboard that I got when my parents retired is not registering 18’s!!! THIS SUCKS!!! I am not sure what to do: Do I try to find a part and repair it? Do I buy another one? Do I live with it?

I am so conflicted.


Maggie Hagen premieres tonight in “The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe!”… AWESOME VIDEO TOMORROW!!!


The Merrimack Owls are close to a new design for their new stadium. Construction will begin this month!!!

Current Holiday Baseball Classic Standings:
Joplin (3-3)
Merrimack (2-1)
Boggstown (1-2)

  1. em
    Nov 06, 2008

    Is this a hint for Christmas….