1. Hank
    Jan 06, 2006

    Thanks, Joe. Do not worry, I’ll probably bore you with hourlong stories about the shifting colour of his poo, the way he sound when he sleeps and other interresting things:)

    Baseball, huh… looking at his pose I’d say he looks more like a footballer, a quarterback. He looks for the opening, aims and is just about pass the gamewinner (thats when the picture is taken)… Telling from looking at the neck, though, then he’s a defender.

    Anyway, he’s is most probably going to be neither of the above..he’s going to be a hockeyplayer:)

  2. Joe
    Jun 05, 2006


    He does look like a shortstop. Baseball is the other skill I plan on passing on… In august I went on a trip to see a baseball game for my birthday. I also clogged something. Go to this entry.