This is my new coffee table. I made it myself from scratch Norm Abrams style! … Basically it is an Abby Road poster (jumbo subway sized) that I spray-mounted to a board with rounded corners and then polyurethaned the surface (still in progress) to protect and seal it… I used my big bros power tools to make the rest (circular saw, router, jigsaw, etc.).

I am pretty proud of it and I think it suits the room really well.


Off to Salina this weekend for the JPP (Dune Buggy) show… CRAZY pictures sure to follow.


Pretty fun MOVIE QUIZ this week! Three of them completely stumped me!

  1. cgilch78
    May 09, 2008

    Super cool. Who are those guys on there? =)

  2. mom
    May 11, 2008

    Love the coffee table, you are almost as good as Norm…

    When are we going to see a pix of your new car??? Sounds like you really need one. Love always, mom