Red Robin is possibly the craziest place I have ever been in the entire span of my life. When I got home I had to sit in the quiet darkness of my living room for six hours to get the ringing out… I may never be the same.

P.S. – Whose idea was the all-you-can-eat fries? … Please step forward so I can kick you in the johnson.


I get my car today!!!!!!! FREAKING OUT… Seriously, I am excited… REALLY. FREAKING. STOKED.

I think my Mom is going to love me more once I have a nice car.


Interesting chart about what cars get the best gas mileage.

  1. mom
    May 21, 2008

    I could never love you more….Thanks for the pix of the girls.

  2. SS
    May 22, 2008

    haha… hilarious video, I love her crazy shimmy. Great pics of Challey too, haven’t seen that girl in WAY too long. Give her a hug for Sweet Sammy next time you see her.