I am smokin’ busy at work today… Ready for the weekend… TGIF.


Top 10 beers… I know, I know, there are a ton of light beers on the list… I will go on record… I am a sissy.

1. Red Stripe
2. Grolsch Blonde
3. Amstel Light
4. Grolsch Light
5. Miller light
6. Michelob light
7. Leinenkugels
8. Bud Ice Light
9. Booty Light
10. Fat Tire

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Sep 09, 2005

    What kind of beer pussy am I related too!?!?!?! haha. How can you have so many light beers and not have Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat? Hast thou no soul?!?!

    Anyway, here’s a real list of beers
    1. Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
    2. Fat Tire
    3. Guieness
    4. 1554
    5. Coors Banquet Beer
    6. Michelob Light
    7. Budweister
    8. Leinenkugels
    9. Skull Splitter
    10. Old Style (I mean, it’s f’n Old Style)

  2. Hank
    Sep 09, 2005

    1. Newcastle Brown Ale
    2. Marstons India Pale Ale
    3. Bass
    4. Caffrey’s
    5. Grolsch
    6. Leute
    7. Staropramen
    8. Old Spreckeled Hen
    9. Double Diamond

  3. Joe
    Sep 09, 2005

    Sam – Good choice on the old style… I forgot about that one. Bravo to the Coors BB.

    Hank – No light beers… That’s bogus…
    Double Diamond sounds like a Swedish strip club… A classy one though.

  4. Hank
    Sep 09, 2005

    Grolsch is light.