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Holy cow this book is good…

I have been listening to it for the last few days, and since it is read by the author, it seems very conversational. I have always said that there has not been any public servant in my lifetime with as much charisma as Bill Clinton. What he had to endure during his VERY successful presidency, was atrocious. Sure… I know that he had an affair on his wife… And that is wrong… But trying to fire him for it… WTF.

His childhood in Arkansas, his election to Governor, his election to president, whitewater, Monica, impeachment, the financial boom, the war on terror and his relationship to his family are just a few of the topics covered in the book. All are brought to light in Clintons elegant writing style.

It is funny to read the book as an adult, having passed through the political puberty of leaving my parents house, the different opinion that I have on this man. HE WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT. Anyone who says different needs to check the records. The fact that he was forced to deal with relentless personal attacks, either justified or not, and still have the kind of success that he did is amazing. Our current President, having none of these distractions (although he should) and the Republican congress, has accomplished NOTHING positive (I will save this for another day).

It is very strange for me to be a fan of Bill Clinton. Growing up in the Republican state of Kansas, there was little understanding of what was happening in the rest of the world, and even less understanding for these “evil liberals”. My parents are true “kool aide” drinking Republicans, and never took any time (still don’t) to truly think about, or seek out, the true information on political issues (FOX news). I was taught that the “liberals” were crazy lunatics hell bent on destroying our “family values”. Although, thinking back, no one ever REALLY told me what “family values” were and why they were important. They were good and the “liberals” were trying to take them away. That was all that I needed to know. It took me a long time to deprogram my brain from this propagandic shit that was pumped into my head. Only after seeing a bit more of the world, and understanding that not everyone in the US was like me (a white middle class boy from the midwest) did I realize that a lot (not all) of what I was being told was crap. This is what Clinton did best, he knew that there was not ONE answer for everyone, that the government needed to empower people, not scare people into giving the government power.

I would imagine that this book would be entertaining for any human that is not a HARD CORE Clinton hater. It reads fast, is packed with interesting behind the scenes thoughts and conversations, and embodies the sensitivity that this man carried while in office. Although spoken from his point of view (obviously), there are not too many anti-republican sentiments (although you can tell he is a bit pissed during the impeachment crap). He even states in one segment that the “likes” Bob Dole and he is “a good man”.

As I have said in previous posts, you have to gather as much information as you can about a subject to make a REAL, educated opinion. What better way to educate yourself on the Clinton years than to hear it straight from the source. READ THE BOOK.