I recently finished the book “Life of Pi”. I have not read a “grown up” book with this kind of thought provoking content in quite a long time. I recommend the book… I found it an interesting read with a vast amount of soul.

Sixteen year old Pi Patel battles with his spirituality, the behavior patterns of animals, and the lengths he will go to survive when he gets stranded on a lifeboat with several wild and dangerous zoo animals… As you can imagine, there are several not-so-pretty things that occur on the boat, but the book contains a nice balance of soft and emotional moments to counteract the harshness of survival on the open sea.

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The boss is out of the office for the rest of the week… It’s not like I am going to screw around for the rest of the week… But the pressure to be well behaved and focused every single second is off.


Music that Ry and Jamie have given to me that I now want to recommend to you:

Amos Lee (Amos Lee) –
Death Cab for Cutie (Plans)
The Fray (How to save a life)
The Magic Numbers (The Magic Numbers)
Pete Yorn (Day I Forgot)
The Wallflowers (Breach)

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