Boggstown – The Boggstown Boilers dismantled the Merrimack Owls in 5 games to win their second major Championship and their first Holiday Baseball Classic Championship. Orel Hershiser was the catalyst, pitching the Boilers to two victories and completely shutting the door on the Owls offense.

Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth and George Brett set the pace offensively for the Boilers and proved to be too much for the Owls. “We were playing from behind all night long,” Owls manager Ed Bailey said from the press room in Boggstown. “I really think that this team had the potential to hang with em’… We just didn’t get the job done.”

Catfish Hunter was the lone bright spot for the Owls pitching staff. The Cy Young award winner pitched 7 strong innings against the best offense in the league and earned the Owls only victory in the series (and the last game at the original Brisson Field). “The Boilers have been on a run the entire second half of the season,” Hunter said via cellular phone en route to Fogelberg where he will join the Falcons as part of The All-Star Baseball Classic in February. “Murph and the boys did everything they could to keep up with the scoring, but that kind of output is hard to keep up with.”

Wild parties engulfed Boggstown through the nighttime hours and into the early morning as championship fever struck the town. ‘Boilers’, the official drink of the team (a shot of Captain Morgan Tattoo dropped into a glass of Miller Lite) were a hot item at the local bars, and women were seen running topless down Wyoming Street to celebrate the victory.

Next up on the All-Star Baseball calendar is the All-Star Baseball Classic held in February.

  1. Dave Duncan
    Dec 17, 2008

    George Brett may have had the greatest season, with a playoff championship, that has ever been played in ASB. That man is amazing. Congrats to the Boilers. Good Luck to all in the ASB.