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I found this in my inbox this morning from Cap … IT’S FRIDAY!


I found this link yesterday… The concept is that an artist gets assignments from his four year old daughter and then has her critique them when he is done. Usually she is HYPER-CRITICAL of the end product and wants him to re-do it or erase it… Some of her comments are pretty funny… Steve and Misty should enjoy this site since they are artists with kids.


I am in full packing mode. My place is an absolute DISASTER… I packed up my records last night. Seven full boxes that weigh more than my car… Packed up my kitchen. Made sure to separate things that I do not know what they are or do. Jamie?

Quick thought: I hope that the company that I work for does not close before I move… That would SUCK!


Moved into my new cube at work yesterday. This will be my first full day in the new place… No window. Closer to the boss. Softer music. Farther away from my work buddies … I hope this does not suck.