If I were a bird I would have my head in a hole right now… If I were a soldier I would be buried deep in a foxhole… Alas, I am just a middle class white dude fighting his worst enemy… Life… without any shelter.

The “issues” in my life have doubled in the last week and a half. I am attempting to be a “big boy” and deal with them “head on”, but I sometimes feel that my mind is not accepting the transplant. In the past it was easy to just let time or other people bail me out of these situations, but I guess that somewhere along the way I got sick of letting shit happen. Maybe it’s time I added something to myself. Tried a new approach and started kicking some ass of my own. Started saying “shit” when I have a mouthful… Saying the things out loud that I wish that I had said in the moment…

((inhale)) I am bigger than my problems. I am happy, healthy and aware. ((exhale))… I guess that’s a pretty good shelter.

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Oct 03, 2005

    Bust a cap off in life’s ass. Just remember my equation for life.

    Beer + Ambivilance = bliss

    Hope things turn around for you buddy, I have no doubt they will.

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