I changed my cable package yesterday so that I get Boomerang, VH1 Classic and most importantly the MLB channel… I guess I am not going to cancel cable after all.


Jamie, you will be happy to hear that I ate 2 jumbo grade A eggs and a glass of tomato juice this morning for breakfast… Kody agreed with you that my body might go into “starvation mode” if I did not eat more. In my defense, I am a big dumb boy.


Sorry to keep posting videos, but this might be my favorite moment of American television EVER! Hahahaha…


31 days till the All-Star Baseball Classic.


Now that Christmas is over I feel happiness returning to my life… January has never felt this good before.

  1. Jamie
    Jan 13, 2009

    I ate an egg today TOO! Eggs are the bomb in terms of protein and feeling full longer.

    Plus it will help you build muscles for that six pack you are almost finished with.

    Thank you for backing me up, Kody!