Yes, I am still alive. You will have to be a bit patient with me for a while… I just picked up a second major freelance job and am a bit (A LOT) busy.

Here is an email that my mother sent to me today… It made me really miss her and wish that I could kiss the top of her head. Mom, if you are reading this, I hope you do not mind.

“Well I’m going to try this again. I decided to write a letter to you on Harmony (her Mac) and send it when I get to WiFi. I trust this will work. I’ve tried to use the pc here at the office, but it works like a pc:) and it hates me. After writing a long note, a message came up when I pushed send, and told me the computer had performed an illegal act and was going to shut down.

They do have DSL but when I tried to hook Harmony up to it that didn’t work because I didn’t have the secret code. Anyway here is some of what I wrote before.

The trip here was uneventful which is how we like it. We made it in 3 days and 2 nights. The first night we spent in the hometown of Troy Aiken and the second at the hometown of Kelly Clarkson both towns are very proud of their celebrities with billboards and road signs.

The park here is beautiful. Davidson River is so clear you can see 12-15 inch fish swimming. You guys who like to raft down the river would love it. So far the weather has been nice. From 65-68 daytime and around 40 at night. No snow yet, but they say it does come down from time to time. We took the motorcycle down off the truck yesterday, but haven’t rode it yet.

Last night we went out to eat at the Hawg Wild BBQ restaurant. It was good eating. Kind of reminded me on the Dixie Pig… (Joe and Carrie know what I’m talking about.) Asheville is a big city, we came through it on our way here, and Brevard is smaller, kind of reminds me of Lawrence. It has a lot of little shops downtown, but is big enough to have a Walmart, K-mart and a couple of grocery stores. I’m told that 2 coffee shops and the library have WiFi so that is where I hope to send this letter.

Dad is in his glory working around with the other little old men. He loves his new GPS and never leaves home without it. The guys are already teasing him about his gadgets because he has the walkie-talkie on his hip along with the cell phone even though we can’t get service. He ordered an adaptor for the phones today which is supposed to let us use an external antennae. We are so close yet so far away– the phones ring, but we can’t talk. I’ll be sure to call you all as soon as I can…

Thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas season. The presents were perfect and the visiting was the best ever. I already miss you all so much… Please give each other a big hug and know that you are all in my prayers daily.
Please keep in touch.

Love MOM”

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Jan 12, 2006

    Linda rules… We’re insainly lucky to have such an amazing aunt/mom.

  2. Sweet Sammy
    Jan 12, 2006

    and you’re cute to Elbert!

  3. Misty
    Jan 12, 2006

    Aw, Joe. Now *I* miss your mom!