Place: Arthur Bryant’s
1727 Brooklyn

Beef on bun (white bread), side of fries and a soda


– Good flavor to meat
– Great mix to the soda (Coke)
– KC classic BBQ
– Lots of different sauces
– Thick and spicy is best sauce
– Big plastic cup
– Cool pictures on walls
– Portions
– Big dining area
– No auto pickle

– LONG line
– Greasy fries
– No buns
– Not hot
– Dry
– Smell of table washing “soap” made me want to puke (think elementary school cafeteria)
– Original sauce made me want to rip my tongue out of my mouth to end the disgusting flavor
– Service
– Ordering process
– Price

Would I recommend it?:

Would I return?

“Fullness” factor:

Scale of 1-10:


I was out shopping with Jam and Katy this weekend and came across this patch… I thought it looked BOSS so I bought a shirt and sewed it on last night before bed… Cool right?

Tonight was so nice that I decided to have an Olympic night out on the deck… The moon looks almost full, the locusts are singing and all is quiet in the hood.

It is starting to smell a bit like fall… I am ready.


That’s right, Katy came to visit this weekend. It was GREAT to see her!


I have been an Olympic-watching machine… Does it make me less of a man because I like watching gymnastics and swimming? … I am so awesome.

  1. SS
    Aug 18, 2008

    We’ve been watching the hell out of the Olympics. We watch everything… there’s nothing wrong with that.

    KATY! Miss that girl, glad you cats had fun.

    ASB 2009… Um, yes please!

  2. em
    Aug 19, 2008

    You’re truly a brave man by trying Arthutr Bryants – officially the worst BBQ in KC….Gates is the second worst! I love reading about the different places though – keep it up!