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So I joined this kickball team with a bunch of people from work. I know it is a really collegey/douchey thing to do, but it is a good reason to meet some new people and get off my ass… I think it is going to be fun! … Plus I get a “free” t-shirt and booze party at the end.


Big weekend of tailgating, ASB and seeing my Mom! CAN’T WAIT!


Gotta love the Blues Brothers! – –

I said well Baby
You know when you bend over I see every bit of Christmas
And when you bend back I’m looking right into the new year
She said Honey, Honey you know I
gave up cigarettes for my new year’s resolution
But I didn’t give up smoking
I said Woman, Woman you going to walk a mile for a Camel
Or are you going to make like Mr Chesterfield and satisfy?
She said That all depends on what your packin’
Regular or kingsize
Then she pulled out my Jim Beam, and to her surprise
It was every bit as hard as my Canadian Club
I said Now what now you got to say baby?
She said Umm…

I don’t know
My oh my oh my
I don’t know
But my baby’s holding down