The work that Alexander Calder did when he created the mobile gives me hope that balance can be achieved in all of its beauty… The positive, the negative and all of the competing elements of ones life can move in beautiful harmony.

This piece called “Three Discs in the Air” (created in 1967) tells a commentary about the positive and negative aspects of life (in my opinion)… The three colored discs hanging ABOVE the black and white rounded triangle shapes, keeping them from falling represent the positive aspects of life such as love, happiness, and joy… Meanwhile the black and white shapes represent the darker aspects of being alive such as hate, fear, and jealousy…

The feeling that I am left with, on top of the pure joy of seeing something truly beautiful, is that both the good and bad have a place. That all must be balanced in order to find some sort of true enlightenment during ones time here.


So I had the thought that just about every song ever written has had a moment… and every moment should have a song… The song for this moment in my life is “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. It has become the theme of my life… The simple-complexity of the piano makes my soul dance.