I took my LAME KC Chiefs mini hoop and transformed it into a super-cool Beatles hoop!

Painted some frames that were handing around and framed some pictures from NY and NC.


I am WEAK… I could not help but buy the Taylor Swift holiday album from Target today… Don’t tell anyone, but I LOVE IT and I LOVE HER!!!

Go “eat it” if you don’t.


Had Arthur Bryant’s BBQ on Friday night with Cap… It is AMAZING. I have never had meat that tender that my mother did not cook.

The sauce is below average, but, like I said the meat is AMAZING.


The dude at works baby is healthy and good.


Charlie Brown Christmas is on Monday night.

  1. SS
    Dec 03, 2007

    Those are some freak’n sweet frames and pics.

    Back in the Kong… headed to NYC tomorrow, hope all is well in KC.