I think that with the coming of Lovewell, my life is about to become a crazy mixture of equal parts drama and lack of sleep. The program is like a puma that sneeks up on you, and pounces when you are not looking. It seems like I am constantly comparing the process to something else, simply becaue there is no comparison. It is a simple and beutiful process, so when someone craps on it I get upset. I have been battling this situation over the last year and I feel like I am about ready to explode. The following is a small tremor of the thoughts that have gone through my head from time-to-time.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KIDS TODAY? That’s right, I said it, and I will say it again. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KIDS TODAY? I am officialy an old man (I was starting to see the clues). When I was a kid I liked one thing… Baseball. This is the only thing I have to compare Lovewell to. When I played Baseball I played for one team, the Salina Falcons American Legon squad. I did not want to play for anyone else, any other coach, and sure as hell did not want to go and give another league a try after I had played with them for a season. You see, I knew that the Falcons were a kick ass team shortly after I started playing for them. It just felt right. They had a great reputation, with a great coaching staff, and past players had positive things to say about the experience.

I had a job during the summer, I had girlfriends, I had a thriving family life. When you love doing something… You do it. No excuses. It would have taken a pack of Tigers (yes, a PACK) to pull me away from that feeling.

I guess this baby fit is linking back to one thing. I hate the drama (sigh)… the drama… The meaningless crap that is spread over the top of an excellent program. Who, like the Falcons, have an excellent past, amazing people on staff, a wonderful product, and give the kids exactly what they are looking for. Why all of the talking behind people backs? Its bologna. The only thing wrong with my actions is that I chose to love people who do not know what love is (even Forrest Gump knows what love is). MY BAD… I guess?

Sure, the Falcons always have those kids that are more talented, that can throw harded, hit further, and run faster… And their parents are generally a pain in the ass. They really think that little Johnny is the next Carlton Fisk. BULL SHIT. Give little Johnny a solid base as a human being and he will accomplish more that he could have ever achieved being a selfish prick. Maybe parents are the problem… In fact, I would like to answer the question previously stated in this rant. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KIDS TODAY? — PARENTS.

A few suggestions from a childless know-it-all: Try not living in your kids drama, try being a complete person (or at least thriving to be one), try making your body a temple and your mind strong, try not making the mistakes that your parents made with you, try loving the bad parts of your children as much as the good parts, try not to blame others for your mistakes, try to realize that they are kids, try realizing that there is two sides to everything, try making them work for something, try telling them that you love them… No matter what, try loving your spouse as much as your child, try SHOWING them what a good person does, try singing in the shower, try spending time with THEM… not their events, try to let them do something for themselves, try to let them have/develop their own opinions, and try shutting your mouth and listening once in a while. Last one… Try living your own lives.

Alright, I am sick of writing this incoherent crap. I am now dissolving this topic and practicing what I preach. Be sure to read the disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER — It is unfortunate that one HORRIBLE run in with some bad apples can create this rant. I would say that MOST parents do not crap on their children’s lives with this: “Your shit does not stink in any cercumstances EVER” attitude. I have met more amazing families than the opposite, most of the parents that I know are inspiring, beautiful people. For those of you that fit into this category, please ignore the above.