Have to admit that I am pretty stoked about the three day work week this week. I think that the Thanksgiving holiday is going to rock… We are planning on having a huge ultimate frisbee game in the park on Friday… If we can dodge the soccer plaing Mexicans, I think that it will be a pretty fun time.

This reminds me… I wanted to declare myself as the greatest ultimate frisbee player of all time. Alright, I am not the fastest runner on the planet, but since I have been working out a bit, I am sure that I will be able to out-hustle the other players, and my throwing ability is second to none. It is just my luck that there is no professional league… I could be a millionaire… For those of you that have played the game with me, feel free to discuss one play or moment that I blew your mind on the UF field… Ryan for example, you could talk about the time that we were on the same team and I gave you the “go deep” signal… You could talk about the moment that the disc sailed perfectly over the defenders outstretched arms and you caught it in stride for a perfect game winning goal… Jamie, you could talk about the time that I all-out dove to catch a go-ahead goal as the snow began to fall in Chicago… SPECTACULAR!!!… Man, there are just so many moments…


Happy Birthday to my brother, Jeff. He turned the big 30 yesterday… How many people get to spend their 30th in Hawaii? Lucky SOB.

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Nov 22, 2005

    You are a damn fine UF player sir. I would take you on my team any day, you’re by far the greatest tosser I’ve played with… But you still can’t cover me.