The Love Chloe Foundation
A Wonderful Cause …

When I was approached to design a poster for the Love Chloe Foundation I was honored with the opportunity to assist a wonderful organization helping a young girl battling cancer located in my hometown of Salina, KS.

Not to be too cheesy, but I had no idea the emotional toll it would have on me … The first year the the concept for the poster was simple: Hope & love. A sea of red shapes combining to form one larger shape feeding into ‘love’. My inspiration was sitting on my desk; a lava lamp. The fact that it was burning so hot that it created one unified shape, that from time-to-time had a small piece break off only to be re-absorbed by the mass.

After the second year, the fund raiser went from helping with medical costs to helping fund a foundation in her honor (terribly and unfortunately). I felt that the overall concept for the poster could remain the same, but begin to evolve with each passing year to make one larger story and poster set commenting on the same larger themes of hope & love.

Using only red and white as a color palette (until the final poster in the set brings in a light blue) and concentrating on the most basic forms, I found myself creating a story that takes place at a cellular level and creating a story that can be followed from one poter to the next, taking place over several years.

About The Love Chloe Foundation:

The Love Chloe Foundation is a non-profit foundation located in Salina, Kansas. The foundation was founded by the friends and family of Chloe Watson Feyerherm. Chloe touched the lives of many during her seven years, especially during her year long battle with cancer. Through this foundation, Chloe’s story can continue to touch the lives of others and we can continue Chloe’s fight against cancer.

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Posters Designed for The Love Chloe Foundation:

The Love Chloe FoundationThe Love Chloe Foundation

The Love Chloe Foundation

The Love Chloe Foundation