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Step one is always LISTEN… What MyMajors was saying is that they had a successful quiz for finding a students’ College Major. However, they needed traffic, returning visitors, online tools for research, and monetization.

The Next Step:
After working with the programming department to add a database of all of the college majors, a list of thousands of careers, and a page for every school in the country, web traffic for MyMajors shot through the roof.

After the web traffic had increased, we then worked to monetize the site. First, a redesign was in order, ranging from not only the aesthetic, but also including the sitemap and traffic-flow. Adding a logical cause and effect school search with usable filters was key in adding the usability for students to be able to match themselves to a school IF they knew the school they wanted. But what if they ONLY knew their major? Linking the majors for each of the schools to the massive database of majors was essential so a student could research a major and have a list of schools offering that major at their fingertips. The same concept came into play with the giant list of career information available on the site.

Traffic flow is always essential to monitization. Who, what, where, why, when and how all combined with research tell you what the user is more than likely going to do when they interact on the site. With MyMajors, I know that users are visiting for a couple of reasons: the user wants to take the quiz, or the user stumbled onto our page us in a web search. Massive research was done to find the best way to flow them toward matching themselves with a school.

Selecting modern ‘young’ colors, keeping the wireframe simple and flexible, adding a photo shoot for a branded feel to the photography, and giving the user the tools they need for a productive, valuable visit give MyMajors a professional edge against their competition.

Social Media and Email Marketing Solutions that Engage:
With almost zero original content being produced for the web, I strategized, designed and implemented a student intern blog to give MyMajors an inexpensive and expansive student-driven content resource. These blog entries not only give MyMajors an additional SEO push, but provide content for a monthly student blog, Facebook/Twitter promotions create student advocates across the nation. See the links below for my email solutions and examples.

Creating a Monster:
Based on my work with MyMajors, the site is now in the top 1% of all websites in the world for traffic. Additionally, the email open rate hovers around 20%, and web-based revenue has exploded by allowing students to easily ‘match’ themsevles with schools. With over 600,000 visitors each month, with one of my emails being sent dynamically every 5 seconds, and with an enormous database and a growing client roll, MyMajors is now a MAJOR player in the student recruitment space.

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Email campaigns developed for MyMajors

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors Welcome Email
Frequency: Once (immediately following quiz completion)
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Immediate, so a students attention is highest, the Welcome to MyMajors email is the first email touch sent. Contains the students username, password, top 5 majors and top 5 school matches.

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

“You’ve Been Matched” School Campaign
Frequency: Once (the day after taking the MyMajors Quiz)
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What is a “You’ve Been Matched” email? Well, our super-computer takes quiz results from the student, matches school specific targeted criteria and sends an email designed specifically for the school when the response rate is highest. This amazingly effective targeted email campaign is an inquiry driving machine.

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

“Are You Interested” Apply School Campaign
Frequency: 2 days after receiving “You’ve Been Matched” School Campaign email
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A second chance with a simplified approach, the “are you interested” campaign simply re-states to a student that a school is a match with them and prompts them to apply or say they are not interested.

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors Counselor Newsletter
Frequency: Monthly (Week 1 of every month)
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MyMajors speaks directly to an important voice in a students decision … Counselors!

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors Student Newsletter
Frequency: Monthly (Week 1 of every month)
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Smart. Funny. Friendly. Excited! … Sorry to gush, but the MyMajors student interns are one of my favorite additions to the site. Who better to TALK to students than STUDENTS!?! The monthly newsletter is a massively opened, massively clicked email based on the topics that students care about the most.

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors School Match Campaign
Frequency: Monthly (Week 2 of every month)
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The MyMajors Integrated email package is not a one-and-done campaign, it is an organic, ongoing campaign that continues to provide value to students AND schools throughout the year! The School Match email campaign puts a school in front of potential students all year long!

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors Scholarship Match Campaign
Frequency: Monthly (Week 3 of every month)
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The MyMajors Integrated email package’s third send of the month.

MyMajors College Major finding quiz

MyMajors Visit Campaign
Frequency: Monthly (Week 4 of every month)
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The MyMajors Integrated email package’s final send of the month.

Additional Sales Email campaigns developed for MyMajors

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MyMajors Art Students Sales
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