Wilco: Wilco (The Album) || 4 of 5 Bananas

A couple of weeks ago Wilco released their new album. As with any new Wilco album (or any other great music) I try to listen through it eight to nine times before passing judgment.

Here are my thoughts for each song on the album.

1. Wilco (the song)
– One of the best first songs on any Wilco album
– Great mixture of the old and the new school WIlco songs
– Catchy as hell… I find myself singing “Wilco, Wilco, Wilco, Wilco will love you baby” all day after listening to it.

2. Deeper Down
– Least favorite song on the album. Find myself forwarding through it
– Weird style/selection for the second song.

3. One Wing
– Mellow, nice, comfortable in a good way
– Love the guitar work
– Love how it builds
– Want more of the screaming guitar and layered music at the end of the song

4. Bull Black Nova
– Quickly becoming one of my favorite Wilco songs
– Piano is AMAZING, great guitar work (tone)
– Music breathes
– Sounds AMAZING played really LOUD in a car!
– Great use of stereo (right speaker staying constant, left going crazy)

5. You And I
– Love the addition of a female voice (Feist)
– Great mixture of acoustic and electric guitars

6. You Never Know
– Great piano, great lyrics, great harmonies,
– Playful, easy to sing along with… Want to see them play it live

7. Country Disappeared
– Nice song
– Good contrast with the previous song

8. Solitaire
– Another slow song
– Nice harmonies

9. I’ll Fight
– GREAT song
– Bring live to side two of the album

10. Sonny Feeling
– Another great throwback Wilco tune
– Nice guitar work, not over the top. Nice drum part.
– Would be a great song performed live

11. Everlasting Everything
– Nice conclusion for this album.
– Love the ambient guitar at the end of the song.

All-in-all I really like the album… It’s true that I don’t think it’s their best work, but with a little more time some of the slower songs (Country Disappeared and Solitaire) will grow on me and this review will improve.

In general, whatever album I am listening to at that time is my favorite one… But here is my rankings today:

1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
2. A Ghost Is Born
3. Sky Blue Sky
4. Being There
5. A.M.
6. Summerteeth
7. Wilco (The Album)


Nerd Baseball News:
Started designing the renovations on McCall Memorial Stadium this weekend. I am pretty happy with the progress so far and hope to have it ready for the next major (The I-70 Classic).


Yeah, that’s right, I have developed my own ranking system using bananas… I think it will do the job.

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  1. KC
    Jul 14, 2009

    Where is the bananagram for “Hard Candy?”

  2. amanda
    Jul 14, 2009

    I love your Wilco review, but the ranking of albums really gives an insight into your Wilco preferences. I have not yet heard the album, but just from your ranking I’m guessing it’s harking back to their older stuff…is that a true assessment? Either way, you have inspired me to purchase it.