I had something happen this weekend that has not happend in quite a while. Every person that I know that has seen the movie “The Village” said it absolutely SUCKED. “Don’t waste your time,” they said.

Well, I really enjoyed the film. I thought that it was inventive, interesting, invigorating and several other words that start with the letter “i” (although I can not think of any more right now). The casting was right on the money with Bryce Dallas Howard (thanks for the weird name Ron) taking on the role of Ivy… The challenging role of a blind woman in creepy circumstances. This character held my attention throughout, providing me with more than enough anxiety when she decides that a trip through the scary woods is a good idea. She is lovable, attractive and brings real humanity to the film… I truly fell in love with the character.

As is the case with all M. Night Shyamalan films, the music was AMAZING. He uses the soundtrack better than almost any director walking the earth. I swear, that riff that he plays when Ivy is running through the forrest is about enough to make me crap myself right now. I appreciate the fact that he is using all of the tools at his disposal as a director to make the art of movie watching more of a two dimensional experience.

The story? Well done as well. I liked the twist’s at the end. I hate the know-it-all pricks that say “I guessed that was going to happen.” Well, dumb shit, clear your mind and let the film happen. Don’t assume anything. Don’t try to ruin the film for yourself. Mr. Shyamalan’s biggest hit “The Sixth Sense” would not be a hit if it was released today, because assholes like you would be tearing it apart from the opening credits to make sure that you did not get “surprised.” I will let you in on a secret… That is the freaking point of watching his movies… To let the story unfold around you naturally, and then see how he bends your perceptions. STOP BEING SO FREAKING SMART… I am not impressed…

I have noticed that the more I say something (movies, books, TV and music) is good, the less likely people will like it. I guess that the expectations are too high (this always pisses me off). Maybe the opposite has happened with “The Village.” Maybe I expected so little, that it blew me away…

Hmmmm… Thinking about it a little harder, I think that is a CRAP statement. I really liked the movie because it was entertaining. Leave me a comment on what you think.


Also watched “Ray” this weekend… Not so entertaining. It was OK, but how did he win the academy award for that?

  1. jj
    Aug 08, 2005

    I agree, Ray was just ok, but i would be willing to give the VIllage a chance…did you watch it alone? How brave you are…


  2. Joe
    Aug 09, 2005

    I did watch it alone… I am tough. The monsters under my bed did make fun of me for crying myself to sleep though.