I FINALLY saw the new Harry Potter movie last weekend. I thought it was pretty good. Azkaban and Goblet are still my favorites.

Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone || 4 of 5 Bananas

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets || 3of 5 Bananas

Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban ||5 of 5 Bananas

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire || 5 of 5 Bananas

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix || 4 of 5 Bananas

Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince || 4 of 5 Bananas


I made a mistake… I downloaded the Sim City game for my iPhone… It is AMAZING and ADDICTIVE! What have I done! I saw the 5 dollar price tag and I could not resist! … Just what I need!!!


Decided to bust out the Birkenstocks today… Thinking about making them my winter shoes so I thought I would give them a shot on a rainy day.


The Bamford Bears have officially entered the I-70 Baseball Classic! The first event for the Bears since the All-Star Baseball Classic (last February) promises to be a first class event filled with top-notch rivalry’s and an even playing field! The newly added I-70 Classic is the newest official “major” of the ASB season and the third event of 2009!

The I-70 Classic is a four night event that consists of an evening of drafting a team, an evening of round robin games and two evenings of playoff games that are a best 2 of 3. Only career players are used for the event!

“I could not be happier!” Ron Santo said after taking batting practice at Brisson Field in Merrimack. “I have not seen very much of the Bears, but I do know that Pete Rose (the Bamford team captain) is a heck of a competitor that plays the game with everything he’s got… Heck, the guy can play just about anywhere on the field and we all know he can hit!”

Participating Teams:
McCall Mudhens (Ryan)
Merrimack Owls (Joe)
Westport Fleas (Matt)
Bamford Bears (Jeff)

All I-70 Classic games will be hosted by the newly renovated McCall Memorial Field in McCall. (a tour and pictures of the new field later this week)


Casey is traveling to New Mexico to visit her family for a few weeks… I bet she is going to sweat her ASS OFF!!! Hahahaha…


Music Note:: Seriously, If you like ‘The Postal Service’ you will love ‘The Faded Paper Figures’.


Cap got me a couple of albums for my birthday! And by “a couple of albums” I mean a couple of AMAZING albums for my Birthday!

Regina Spektor: Far || 4 of 5 Bananas

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix || 5 of 5 Bananas

  1. SS
    Aug 04, 2009

    I-70 Classic sounds fun. Best of luck to all players, managers and owners.

    Alternate view of HP movies.

    1st movie – 4 bananas
    2nd movie – 1 banana (SUCKED!!!)
    3rd movie – 5 bananas (Best of the lot)
    4th movie – 4 bananas
    5th movie – 3 bananas
    Haven’t seen 6th one.

    See you Saturday!

  2. Joe
    Aug 04, 2009

    I give the second one a couple of extra Bananas because Ginny has a bigger part 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you Sammy!