SupermanSeveral months ago I downloaded (just about) every Avengers comic book and started to digest them over the course of a few months. Leading up to the movie I thought it would be fun to see how the characters started and their relationships (before Hollywood got a hold of them). It was a really nice “get your feet wet” into the comic book reading world.

Although a really fun read, they started to get a bit formulaic after the first 20-30. Bad guy makes a plan, Avengers fall into trap, fighting, Avengers win and see you next time… I get it that this is the typical setup, nothing wrong with it or the audience that it was written for.

The Walking Dead ComicThis is when I started researching more mature options … After watching episodes of AMC’s Walking Dead I decided this would be where I would start. If nothing else I could see what differences there are from the TV series.

After 100 books of smart, thoughtful, tough and gritty (and a billion other adjectives that mean the same thing), I am happy that I decided to take the journey with Rick, Carl, Andrea, and countless other dead-now characters… THIS is the reason that I LOVE this series, the REAL option that anyone can die (sans Rick) at ANY moment. You feel yourself loving the characters, but holding yourself back from loving them TOO MUCH because they could get an arrow through the eye, a bullet in the chest or torn apart by the walkers at any moment (taking the same emotional journey as the characters in the book)… I can’t recommend this series enough.

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Thanos QuestAnother fun series that I have only read a couple books from is the Infinity Gauntlet series… The set starts with Thanos Quest and continues for several other series.
Give the Wiki page a look if you want more info, but basically Thanos is a super-badass dude that in one of the books kills half the worlds population with a snap of his fingers (including superheroes) in an attempt to get the angel of death to love him… Anyway, the remaining Marvel Superhero’s band together to stop him… One memorable moment during the ensuing fight is when Iron Man gets his head ripped off.