So I finished the Star Wars animated movie called “Clone Wars”. It was really good. The timeline/concept for the film is that it takes place in-between the second and third movies and depicts the various battles and struggles of the Clone Wars, as well as the path of Anakin Skywalker toward becoming a Jedi Knight… The action takes you up to the exact point were “Revenge of the Sith” starts.

Originally airing on Cartoon Network, the series of shorts are strung together in this two disc DVD set. With brilliant animation, great sound effects, original voices, added Jedi Knights to enjoy and a functional (not much talking, more action) script, I would definitely recommend this film to those of you who enjoy the majesty of Star Wars.

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Crazy Dave


Eragon (audiobook) was also really great. I will have to write this review another time to do it justice… But I loved it.

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  1. Sweet Sammy
    Apr 17, 2006

    You are correct sir, I love me some Clone Wars… The battle between Evil Gen Grevious and the jedi as he “captures” the emperor and then Mace force crushes him! Intense, and kick ass.