Jessica Lange

Jam and I watched King Kong from 1976 last night… The movie was pretty good, they spent a little too much time on the mysterious island, but I was entertained none the less. This film, introducing Jesssica Lange, explores the wondrous world of giant screaming ape and normal sized hot chick “love”.

While watching the film, I discovered one unexpected thing… The young Jessica Lange is EXTREMELY HOT. I guess that is the point of her role in the movie, but I was not expecting this level of hotness. Her character, Dwan (the worst name in motion picture history), acts like she is either retarded or stoned for the length of the entire picture. I guess that the writer of the film must have done some intense research on what kind of woman a giant ape would find attractive… Young, blonde, beautiful & spacey… Who would have thought?

King Kong brings my total of Charles Grodin movies to two in the last week (Clifford). Grodin’s character in this movie is one of the biggest morons in motion picture history. I have no idea how a character this bad got through the editors scissors. Really, when he gets crushed by Kong’s giant foot, I was a bit sad… Grotin’s character had a chance at cracking into the top 10 worst written characters in american movie history. A real shame.

The movie is really heart warming and has that 70’s charm about it. Some of the camera angles are truly beautiful and the fact that there is no computer animation gives it a certain realness and charm.


Day 6 of Potter madness continues. My obsessive nature has taken me to the place were I am now re-watching the movies in the evening when I get home from work. I am also about half way through the “Half-Blood Prince” for the second time… Listen, I know that if I do not get this “madness” out of my system, I will go nuts… I just like the way that these worlds are built… I like to pull the details out… Ummm… People listen to songs numerous times…

Okay, I am freaking nuts. I admit it. How do you feel now?

  1. JmcJ
    Jul 21, 2005

    I feel…vindicated. I knew you were nuts.

    Hee hee

  2. Joe
    Jul 21, 2005

    If it looks like a nut & smells like a nut…

  3. JmcJ
    Jul 21, 2005

    Oh, you definitely smell like nut…

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