How to make a lego Macintosh – “Legotosh”

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For years, people have been making macquariums out of old and unfunctioning vintage Mac computers… since I am not into fish, I have been brainstorming for years on what to do with my hollowed-out Mac SE case. 

With an ever-growing lego collection, I decided to combine two of my favorite things… I call it the “Legotosh”.

Here is how I did it:

Start with an empty Mac case. DO NOT destroy a functioning vintage Mac for this, as many angels will die. 

I wanted a glass “screen” for my display piece, so I found an old frame, and cut it down to size. 

I then used epoxy to attach it to the computer front. 

While the epoxy dried, I built a wood base to hold the bottom of my display. 

With the frame in place, it is time to start attaching some lego plates! I used 3M Super 77 spray mount for the task. After a couple weeks it has held-up, but if the plates come off I will go back with some epoxy to REALLY stick them in place. 

Cutting the plastic lego sheets was fairly easy. Similar to cutting foam core; measure, place you cork-back ruler in place and lightly score the plastic with a utility blade several passes until it get weak. From there, grab the lego base-plate with two hands and fold it back and forth until it snaps apart. 

I used some fine sandpaper when the edges got rough. 

To attach the computer face, I used epoxy to attach hooks… There is probably a better way to do this, but this seems to work. 

To light the Legotosh, I used small battery-powered LED lights that I picked up in the holiday isle of the hardware store. The lights can be configured for whatever design you build. 

A strip of velcro tape holds the battery pack to the back of the computer.